About Us

Nordcoll A/S has 130 years of experience in filling and packing glue products. In recent years, Nordcoll A/S has expanded its business through acquisitions, to include products for cleaning, care and protection.

Our own laboratory and our own factories ensure continuous product development, where quality and customer satisfaction are a top priority. Through close collaboration with our customers, we create mixing and filling solutions that are 100% tailored to their preferences and requirements.





What you get with us

  • High technical know-how in all areas of our business
  • Qualified feedback with respect to product development, blending, filling and packaging
  • Our own laboratory and state-of-the-art production facilities that ensure quality and continuous development


Nordcoll - We know how


PVC glue

Nordcoll has the well-known PeViCol that is moisture curing and suitable for many hard and soft PVC gluing tasks.

PU glue

Our Duracol PU products are one-component polyurethane adhesives which cure by using moisture. Suitable for wood, metal, ceramic, stone, glass, foam and much more.

Filling and packaging

Our bottling machines can handle multiple types of filling including 2 component filling. Our filling machines have a large capacity and can handle containers as low as a few grams

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